"In our late 70's, we decided we needed to find some solution to deteriorating function as we age. We have enjoyed skiing/ water-skiing/ biking/ walking and hiking/ extensive gardening; but in retirement we found we could just no longer function as we had hoped. Jimmy has guided us/ instructed us/ encouraged us to the point that Susan, now 76 yo, who has been troubled for years by dysfunction in activation of leg and hip muscles/ IT Band problems, etc. is now enjoying all those activities, walking and hiking longer distances at greater speed; and she was recently informed by her PT folks that her legs are much more muscular and less fat than any time in the recent past! I, nearly 79 yo, enjoy much better flexibility/ improved strength/ much less pain and limitation in shoulders (past partial rotator cuff tears and dislocation) and can walk and hike much better/ lift weights required in gardening, etc.....and just plain function better. All this carefully executed by Jimmy so that we do not hurt ourselves in the process. 

We should add that Jimmy has restored our faith in his Millennial Generation: he displays an exceptionally pleasant personality/ is respectful even of older clients/ works very hard and long hours/ lives frugally and is saving up in the process....everything you hope to see in a young man getting started. He is obviously a success already and is assured of a very successful career as he continues."

Dr. R.J. Noble